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   Lanka Bio Products ( LBP) was formed several years before as a private limited liability company and was operational in the field of processing coconut products such as coconut fiber and oil. The company then named as Swiss Lanka Bio Products (P) Ltd up to the year 2016 and engaged in product development and foreign market development work, is now taking steps to develop its own production facility of organic virgin oil in Beliatta. It was able to supply to the American market developed in Texas region (Dallas based) and making its shipments of virgin oil packed in containers of different sizes required for on-line marketing in USA.

   It is further planned to go into processing spices and other provisions such as pepper, cinnamon, gamboge  as a separate production activity intended for the export market. These produce also will be collected simultaneously  from the organically produce sources of the same area and processed with high value addition to be marketed in USA and Europe

    In the back drop of the experiences gained through these operations LBP decided to establish its own production facility of a medium size taking into consideration the positive factors present for establishing such a facility by the directors of the company. All the machineries and equipments necessary for the production in the project will be of local origin. Since the Virgin coconut oil manufacturing machine making technologies are well developed in the country it is possible to safely rely on the locally made machinery for the purpose. It is intended further for this project to develop solar/ wood based natural heating system for drying chipped coconut replacing the oil based heat energy systems currently used by the industry ensuring the best environmental friendliness of the project. Our prospective American and German buyers appreciate such moves to a great extent since it will meet better health and environmental needs for the merchandise they expect to buy from the project.



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