How to Use Coconut Oil and Benefit from The Greatest Oil on Earth

How to use coconut oil and receive the health benefits of The Healthiest Oil on the Planet? The quick answer would be to use it either internally or externally, preferably both. For systemic health problems such as fighting illness caused by bacteria and viruses, use coconut oil internally for best results. The external approach, on the other hand, is ideal for benefiting your skin and hair.

Apply on Skin

How Much Coconut Oil Should You Eat A Day

You may have heard of the amazing health benefits of coconut oil, but have you ever wondered how much coconut oil to take?

How much coconut oil is necessary to experience the health benefits. You may have read how amazing coconut oil is for your health. The medium chain fatty acids (MCT) in coconut oil are known to speeds up the metabolism, boosts the immune system and reduce inflammation. By adding just a few tablespoons into your diet a day you can reap the many benefits of coconut oil in your diet.

How Does It Work?

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